Your medications, hand delivered to your home.

AdhereRx™ helps you manage all your medications and delivers them right to your door.

a female pharmacist talking on the phone and smiling while holding a pill bottle

Our pharmacy team will help you…

  • Organize all your medications
  • Understand what your medications are for and when you should take them
  • Keep up with your monthly refills by calling your doctor directly and scheduling delivery
  • Get all your medications on the same day every month

And the service is free. All you have to do is pay your copay.

We also help you by…

  • Using medicine bottles with easy-to-read labels
  • Having licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians available to answer your questions
  • Providing 24/7 emergency medication support by our pharmacy team

And we hand-deliver right to your home.

Woman in bathroom taking medication

Meet some of the patients we’re helping…

Real patient stories, not real names

headshot of an african american woman smiling

Wanda takes 13 medications. AdhereRx™ calls Wanda’s doctor every month to order her refills and schedule delivery to her home so she doesn’t have to worry about them. Our pharmacist even helped her order a blood sugar meter so she could monitor her blood sugar levels daily.


headshot of a white woman smiling

Donna is prescribed six medications to treat a blood clot. During a call with an AdhereRx™ pharmacist Donna said she had stopped taking her medications because she couldn’t get to her pharmacy to pick them up. Her AdhereRx™  pharmacist arranged delivery of the medications to her home.”


headshot of an elderly asian man wearing a dress shirt and tie while smiling

Lee has diabetes and heart disease. He had not seen his doctor in months. AdhereRx™ helped Lee schedule a doctor’s appointment quickly and get his refills. Lee got his medications delivered quickly and avoided a visit to the hospital.


headshot of a dark skin woman with short black hair

Amanda was taking more than 20 medications for a variety of health issues. An AdhereRx™ pharmacist reviewed her medications and learned four of them could be harmful when taken together. The pharmacist asked Amanda to discontinue those medications and helped her avoid the possibility of a serious side effect.


Free Hand-Delivery
of Your Medications

AdhereRx uses a private courier to give you
white-glove pharmacy service directly to your
home for no additional costs.