3 Things Every Provider Should Look for in a Pharmacy Partner

Healthcare providers everywhere know the challenge of medication adherence. It’s proven to be one of the most effective ways to…

Healthcare providers everywhere know the challenge of medication adherence. It’s proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve patient outcomes—yet 50% of patients do not adhere to the medication regimens created by their providers.

As a provider, you can only do so much to help patients with medication management once they leave your office. It’s particularly common for patients with multiple chronic conditions to struggle with a complicated medication routine. These patients often need an extra support system to help them understand and fully adhere to their medication routine.

Partnering with a pharmacy that offers proactive medication management support can make all the difference for your at-risk patients. As you evaluate potential pharmacy partners, here are a few key things to keep in mind.


1. Direct Relationship

You need a partner that works directly with you and your patients’ care team, as patients with multiple chronic conditions often have complex care teams composed of multiple prescribers.

Partner with a pharmacy that offers proactive, routine medication review at enrollment and on an ongoing basis. Regular medication reviews should flag potential issues such as drug duplications and other drug therapy problems that can lead to adverse effects. The most effective pharmacy partner will provide relevant information from patient reviews to the entire care team so you can use that information to guide your treatment for that specific patient.

Consider it a bonus if… you can find a partner that helps facilitate communication between you, the team of pharmacists, and other providers so that everyone is up to date and on the same page to help patients stay on track and decrease their risk of unnecessary hospitalizations. Even better is a pharmacy that provides access to pharmacogenomic testing and uses that information to better guide prescribing recommendations for your care team.


2. Safe and Secure Delivery

Before you select a pharmacy partner, be sure they cover every element of delivery to make it safe, timely and convenient for your patients. As a baseline, your pharmacy partner should be able to ship all levels of controlled substances and refrigerated medications in order to serve high-risk patients.

Cost is always top of mind for patients, so look for a pharmacy partner that offers home delivery at no additional cost—and not just for a limited time due to COVID-19. Check to see if there’s an option for your patients to schedule their deliveries, too. With scheduled deliveries, patients won’t have to worry about missing their delivery or the possibility of mail theft. This service is most often found in pharmacies that use HIPAA-compliant private couriers to deliver medication directly to the patient’s door for the safest, most secure experience.

Consider it a bonus if… they offer flexible payment options for patients.


3. Flexibility

Lastly, find a partner that accommodates medication routines that may change frequently. As circumstances change for patients with chronic conditions, so can the medications you or other members of the patient’s care team prescribe.

Look for a partner that refills medication every 30 days to quickly facilitate any changes to your higher-risk patients’ regimen. This will reduce the amount of wasted medication from a 90-day fill—a financial cost that keeps some patients from switching to new medication until the old dosage is used up.

Consider it a bonus if… you can find a partner with proven experience of increasing patients’ medication adherence.


Finding Your Partner

We specifically designed AdhereRx services to meet the unique needs of patients with chronic conditions who manage multiple medications and may have frequent prescription changes. Our proactive approach to medication management increases adherence and therefore improves quality of care. Want to learn more? Download our case study to see how AdhereRx could increase adherence and reduce hospitalizations for your patients.

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