5 Reasons Why You Need a Monthly Medication Review

Published on November 20, 2020.Keeping up with a complicated medication routine can be a full-time job, but you don’t have…

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Keeping up with a complicated medication routine can be a full-time job, but you don’t have to do it alone. A monthly medication review with a licensed pharmacist or pharmacy technician is a simple but effective way to take charge of your medication routine and relieve stress—and some pharmacies offer them as a regular service at no cost. Here are five reasons why you need a monthly medication review.


1. Get the help you need with your medication routine.

A medication review is a quick and stress-free way to make sure you’re on the right track with your medications. If your pharmacy offers medication reviews by phone, you won’t even have to leave home. Once you get in the routine of a monthly medication review, they can take as little as 5-10 minutes of your time. Then you can go back to living your life with the added peace of mind that your medication routine is under control.

In a medication review, your pharmacist walks through your current prescriptions and any over-the-counter medications or supplements you take. They’ll ask questions about how your medications are working for you and whether you have any trouble with your routine. If you’ve had any changes to your medication, your pharmacist will discuss them with you and make sure you feel confident about the new routine.


2. Enjoy personalized support from your pharmacist.

Sure, you can ask a question when you pick up a prescription at any pharmacy. But when you spend time one-on-one with a member of your pharmacy’s team every month, they become a trusted part of your care team. That’s especially important since most people only have a limited amount of time with their providers.

With a monthly medication review, you get to speak to an expert who’s dedicated to checking in on you every single month. You can share any medication-related issues you’re having with your pharmacist, and they can help you communicate your needs to your provider. They’ll even contact your provider for you if you need a prescription change.


3. Ask all the questions you might not be able to ask your providers.

Every member of your care team is invested in you, but it’s not easy to bring up personal issues when you only have a short amount of time with your provider. With a monthly medication review, you’ll have your pharmacist’s full attention for as long as you need it.

Your pharmacist’s first priority is making sure you get the medications you need to be healthy, so they’ll want you to feel comfortable bringing up any issues that keep you from staying on track with your medications. Your pharmacist can help you look for ways to reduce prescription costs, find community resources that can help, or even talk to your provider on your behalf about finding a more cost-effective treatment.


4. Help your providers keep track of all your prescriptions.

Your providers need to be aware of your entire medication routine in order to make sure your prescriptions work well together. If you have multiple prescribers, they may not necessarily be informed about each medication prescribed by your other providers.

A medication review process makes it much easier for your providers to stay on the same page. Pharmacies that offer medication review services will typically provide you with a full list of your current prescriptions every month so you can take it upcoming appointments. That way, your providers have the most up-to-date information without you having to remember every prescription and dosage change. Some pharmacies will even contact your providers for you whenever there’s a change to ensure they know about your current medications before your next appointment.


5. Gain confidence in your medication routine.

It can be overwhelming to keep up with a complicated medication routine, especially if you don’t feel like your medications are working for you. You can let your pharmacist know if a medication isn’t right for you during a medication review, and they’ll help you find a solution or talk to your provider about making an adjustment.

Your pharmacist can also help you understand more about how your medications work so you feel confident in your routine. And if your routine isn’t working for you, your pharmacist is always there to help.

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