All Your Pills. One Convenient Package.
That’s AdherePack™.

Make Your Life Easier with AdherePack™

Pill bottles everywhere? Not sure if you've taken all of your meds? We get it. Keeping track of all your pills and prescriptions is hard. AdherePack™ by AdhereRx packages all of your pills together by dose date and time to make your medication routine simple and easy.


Get Customized Medication Packaging

No more missed medications. Tear off or push out your morning dose and take your pills. Then repeat for additional medication doses throughout the day.

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Live Independently Longer

Taking all of your medications as directed is a great way to stay healthy. Each AdherePack™ package tells you what to take and when to take it, helping you maintain – or even improve – your quality of life.


Reduce Overall Costs

Research shows that people who take all of their medication on time have fewer trips to the hospital and emergency care services, saving your health and your wallet.

How AdherePack™ Works

People who take multiple medications a month often miss doses. Medication routines can be hard. That's why we package all of your medications in easy-to-understand strip or blister packs and ship them directly to your door (don't worry, delivery is contact-free) to help you stay healthy longer.

Signing Up Is Easy

Call 1-855-280-3559 to speak to a qualified team member or fill out this form and we’ll call you.

Customized Medication Package Delivered to Your Doorstep

Once we learn what medications you take when, we’ll discuss a monthly delivery date. Then, we’ll send your prescriptions in easy-to-understand strip or blister packs, packaged by dose date and time.

24/7 Support

Our team helps you understand everything about your medications. We have on-call pharmacists 24/7 if you have questions or concerns.

You Deserve the Highest-Quality Care — With No Additional Costs

Our services, including delivery, are always provided at no additional cost. All you pay is your co-pay.

We Work Directly With Your Health Plan

Worried about insurance coverage? If your health plan requires prescription co-pays, we’ll let you know before we send your medications.

We Offer Flexible Co-Pay Options

You can pay by credit card, over the phone or even make cash-on-delivery payments.

What Does AdherePack™ Look Like?

When you talk to our dedicated team about your medication routine, we'll help you choose which type of medication packaging is right for you.

Blister Packs

Blister pack medication

Medication is packaged together in an easy-to-understand chart based on when you take each pill.

Strip Packs

Strip packs

All your medications arrive in easy-to-open packets with a label on the outside that says which pills are included and when to take them.

Take the Next Step to an Easier Medication Routine

We help thousands of patients stay healthy, live independently longer, and improve their quality of life — while keeping costs low with our customized medication packaging.

Let’s get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

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