Help High-Risk Patients Manage Complex Medication Routines

A Better Solution for Healthcare Providers

If you’re like many healthcare providers, you have patients who can’t remember if or when they took their medication. It’s common – and a growing concern.

Up to 64% of hospital readmissions are due to drug-related problems, adverse drug reactions, adverse drug events, and drug-drug interactions. (2018 Journal of American Geriatrics Society)

You’ve coached them and maybe even picked up or filled their pill boxes for them. Yet some high-risk patients with complex medication routines and other issues, such as SDOH barriers, still struggle to be adherent.

What more can you do?

Introduce your patients to a better solution – AdherePack™ by AdhereRx – and get them back on track to medication adherence and better health outcomes.

How Does AdherePack™ Work?

AdherePack helps your patients take their medication as prescribed which keeps them at home and healthy for longer.

Pouches by Date and Dose Time

We package medications in easy-to-understand pouches by date and dose time. Vitamins and over-the-counters can be included too!

Synchronized Refills

With all prescriptions in one place, we can get everything refilled on the same day each month – every 28 days in most cases.

24/7 Pharmacy Support

You, your patients, and their caregivers can call us anytime with questions, concerns or changes.

Medication Changes

It's normal for patients to require medication changes throughout the month. We'll work with you and your patient on how best to implement the changes.

Centralize Healthcare Providers

We talk with the patient, their caregiver(s) as well as with you and other prescribers and care teams to centralize all prescriptions in one place.

Compliance Tracking

Compliance packaging by date and dose time allows for a visible record of opened and unopened doses and gives you visibility into missed doses so you can address patient compliance immediately.


There is no additional cost to your patients, other than their appropriate co-pays. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, and most insurance.

Optimized Medications

We help your patients get the most out of their medications which can result in taking fewer pills daily.