Help High-Risk Members Manage Complex Medication Routines

Health Plans Realize Nearly $1,000 PMPM Cost of Care Savings When High-Risk Members Use Dose Date and Time Packaging Like AdherePack™

(2020, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)


Lower Costs of Care & Improve Medical Loss Ratio (MLR)

Medication non-adherence is costly. Overall MLR is disproportionately impacted by the top 5-10% of high-risk membership. When medications are packaged by dose date and time – not type – the percentage of patients who take their medications as directed increases from 30% to 96%, resulting in medical utilization cost savings from $8-12,000 annually. Increased adherence also lowers hospital readmission rates as 66% of hospital readmissions result from medication non-adherence (2018 Journal of American Geriatrics Society).


Improve Star Ratings, HEDIS® & CAHPS® Measures

Medication adherence plays a major role in helping your plan improve overall Star Ratings, HEDIS® measures, and member experience. AdhereRx helps your high-risk, underserved members realize improved health and quality of life by helping them access needed care and achieve and maintain medication adherence. AdhereRx is fully integrated on the AdhereHealth™ Adhere Platform which enables health plans to seamlessly offer long-term pharmacy options to reduce adverse effects and costly hospital visits, resolve medication adherence and care gaps and achieve value-based care outcomes.

Health Plan Benefits of AdhereRx, an AdhereHealth Company

Health Plan Care Management Technology

  • Using claims data, our analytics identify high-risk members and provide that analysis to the health plan clinical care team
  • Powerful data visualization dashboards help prioritize and expedite patient referral opportunities
  • National telepharmacy network uses analytically infused clinical workflow to engage members
  • Technology solutions are built to overcome gaps in care, with a specific focus on care team coordination and overcoming SDOH barriers for a personalized, holistic outreach to fit every member's unique situation
  • Coordination of care enables data-driven collaboration among the member's care team

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services for High-Risk Members

  • Prescription transfer management for excellent member experience
  • AdherePack compliance packaging for members with complex medical needs who take 8 or more medications that change often and struggle to adhere due to SDOH and other barriers
  • Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR) and Drug Utilization Reviews (DUR) by AdhereRx pharmacists or trained clinicians as needed
  • Coordination with physicians and patient care teams to identify drug therapy problems (DTP)
  • Safer, more effective medication regimens can result in members taking fewer daily medications
  • Medication synchronization anchors all prescription fills at AdhereRx on the same day each month
  • Monthly contact-free courier delivery of all member medications – including Schedule II-V controlled substances, over-the-counters (OTC), and vitamins – to any U.S. address
  • 24/7 access to AdhereRx pharmacists for member and caregiver questions
  • Connections to community resources through findhelp to overcome SDOH barriers
  • AdhereRx prescription services are no additional charge; members only pay their regular co-pay, and we offer flexible payment options

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Real Patient Stories

See How Our Patients Are Taking Control of Their Medication

With diabetes, a chronic heart condition and hypertension, I didn't feel safe picking up my medications in person once COVID-19 began. My previous pharmacy said they couldn't offer delivery, but then I got a call from AdhereRx. Now, I am able to stay at home and keep myself on track with my meds.

Mr. Green, Customer Since 2016

After a scary hospitalization from diabetic ketoacidosis my doctor told me to stop using aspirin due to a GI bleed. I spoke to an AdhereRx pharmacist on my monthly review, who helped me understand the severity of taking my medications correctly and testing my blood sugar regularly. They also informed my provider of my recent hospitalization so I could focus on getting better.

Ms. Harris, Customer Since 2010

I have 11 providers that have prescribed 17 medications for my diabetes, dementia, hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, COPD, and GERD. I enrolled in AdhereRx because they had a team of pharmacists that would help me manage and coordinate between my providers to make sure I don’t have any medication issues, and they have safe delivery directly to my doorstep.

Ms. Liu, Customer Since 2006

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Empower high-risk patients to understand, manage, and adhere to complex medication routines.

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