How It Works

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Your Care

Our team of licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work directly with you to make sure you’re taking your medication – the right dose at the right time.

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Easy Start-Up

We start by calling you to collect basic information about your medications, doctor(s) and insurance. We gather all your information and then schedule a call to review your medications with you.

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Pharmacists Who Care

Once you’re enrolled in the AdhereRx™ program, you’ll have access to our team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. You’ll receive a monthly call from us to discuss your medications and someone from our team is always available for emergency support.

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Monthly Delivery of Medications to Your Home

All your medications are delivered at one time to your home each month. Medications are delivered with easy-to-read bottle labels. You’ll also receive a complete medication list that you can take with you when visiting your doctor.

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Refill Coordination

Our pharmacists work directly with your team of doctors to order your refills each month and have them delivered to you.

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