How Medication Packaging Can Positively Affect Both the Caregiver and the Patient

Published on February 8, 2021.Buying a packaged bundle of something has definite advantages. It decreases the time you spend shopping…

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Buying a packaged bundle of something has definite advantages. It decreases the time you spend shopping for things in multiple places, and one bundle is a lot easier to carry around than many. Consider a TV dinner with meat, vegetable, potato and dessert all packaged together and portioned for one person. That’s convenient!

AdherePack - InfographicThe same is true with medications. When you hear “multiple medications,” you may think about a mound of pill bottles and a complicated reminder system. Then you might have the mental image of you crossing your fingers, hoping you’ve administered the right pills to your loved one when you were supposed to and that you remembered to order refills.

Customized medication packaging — also known as compliance packaging — can help people manage multiple medications, allowing them to take better control of their health. For caregivers, it’s a time-saving medication management system that brings peace of mind to your day.

What Are Your Goals as a Caregiver?

Perhaps you’re taking care of an aging parent. Maybe you’re the primary caregiver for a spouse or child with a physical handicap or mental illness. Regardless, your main goal is to provide effective care without sacrificing your own health and well-being in the process.

If you’ve taken the time to set specific goals as a caregiver, that’s a great start! Your goals likely include such things as keeping your loved one independent and healthy; finding easier ways to stay organized through constant changes, health challenges and paperwork; and finding the right way through the medication maze to ensure safety, adherence and effectiveness.

If the thought of trying to achieve all of these goals feels overwhelming, it’s OK. You’re not alone. There are many caregiver resources available to help. For medication management in particular, a great resource is the use of multi-dose customized medication packaging.

Caring for the Caregiver

Whether you’ve been a caregiver for years or are new to the role, you are an essential part of your loved one’s healthcare team. As a caregiver, you can quickly develop stress and burnout, making it difficult to remember things, which can lead to mistakes and compromised care. So it’s truly important for you to care for yourself in order to care for others.

You work hard to provide safe transportation, manage doctors’ appointments and make sure medications are taken on time, all in a clean and safe environment. No one can do it all well. Learn to set limits on what you can do so you’re aware when it’s time for you to ask for help from others on the team including a doctor, a pharmacist, a community resource representative or an insurance case worker. You’d likely welcome a solution to help you effectively manage any of these tasks.

Customized Medication Packaging Is a Win/Win

When your loved one relies on medications to remain independent and stay out of the hospital, medication adherence is particularly important. Medication adherence — also known as compliance — is the extent to which medication is taken as prescribed. The right dose at the right time of day in the right way … managing it all on your own can be hard.

With customized medication packaging, all daily medications are bundled together in either strip packs or blister packs. This packaging design keeps all pre-sorted medications, including over-the-counter vitamins and supplements, in one place without the confusion and hassle of multiple pill boxes or bottles for an assortment of ailments. You can simplify the often-overwhelming process and ensure a thorough medication routine. There are many benefits to this type of packaging:

  • Use a simple, organized and easy-to-follow process
  • Save time
  • Decrease your level of stress
  • Avoid medication errors
  • Avoid additional doctor visits or hospitalizations and the expenses that come with those errors

A 2018 study confirmed that with the use of customized medication packaging, both medication adherence and health outcomes were improved in people with chronic conditions compared to people who used multiple individual prescription bottles. Have you ever second-guessed whether you remembered to give medications at the right time of day or not, especially when it’s difficult to tell with a full pill bottle or confusing pill reminder boxes?

Compliance Packaging Caregiver CTA

As a caregiver, customized medication packaging will decrease the time you spend ordering, organizing and administering medications. It also helps to eliminate possible errors and, in turn, unwanted trips to the doctor, hospital or emergency room when your loved one is taking medications as prescribed.

Save Money and Time With Customized Medication Packaging

A 2016 study found that people with three or more chronic conditions saved more than $2,000 each year on high cholesterol management when they followed their medication plan. This is because they didn’t require additional appointments or prescriptions to control their high cholesterol. Customized medication packaging organizes and bundles medications together by date and time of day, such as morning meds and bedtime meds, to minimize confusion and encourage sticking to a medication plan.

An added benefit is that you’ll no longer have to spend time waiting at the pharmacy or organizing medications from multiple bottles. Instead, daily medications are made available in packs, which ensures all medications are in one place. Leave medication worries behind while you and your loved one are away from home. Simply tear off the dose or number of packs you’ll need.

Explore Customized Medication Packaging With AdherePack™

Let us help you take control of your loved one’s medication routine, even if it’s complicated. With AdherePack™ from AdhereRx™, daily medications arrive safely by private courier to your loved one’s door on the day of your choice every month, already packaged with easy-to-understand instructions. We are like your friendly local pharmacy, but with customized medication packaging designed in either strip packs or blister packs to fit your unique needs. Our dedicated pharmacy team checks in monthly for a personalized medication review and offers 24/7 access to a pharmacist, all at no additional cost. We also work in coordination with your loved one’s provider and care team to handle refills, prescription changes or issues.

With medications all in one place, you can simplify your routine and stick to a schedule without difficulty. Get started today. Call 1-855-280-3559 to easily enroll, talk with an AdhereRx expert or request a free sample pack filled with candies. (Spanish-speaking experts are available.) You can also ask your loved one’s provider to contact us. Sign up for worry-free medication delivery and refills with 24/7 support to keep your loved one healthy and independent. Explore AdherePack.

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