Take Control of Your Medication Routine
and Stay Healthier

Make Your Life Easier with AdherePack™

Pill bottles everywhere? Not sure if you’ve taken all your meds? We get it. Keeping track of all your pills and prescriptions is hard. AdherePack™ by AdhereRx packages all of your pills together by date and dose time to make your medication routine simple and easy – so you can stay healthier and independent for longer.

We Care About Your Health

AdhereRx Supports Your Medication Routine
Every Step of the Way

Private Courier, Contact-Free Delivery to Your Door

All you pay is your monthly co-pay.

Worry-Free Refill Management

Get your medication refills on time every month.

Our Pharmacists Review Your Medications

Check-ins as often as every month to make sure you understand your treatment plan.

24/7 Support

Around-the-clock support for increased peace of mind.

You Deserve The Highest Quality Care — With No Additional Costs

Our services, including delivery, are always provided at no additional cost. All you have to pay is your co-pay.

We Work Directly With Your Health Plan

Worried about insurance coverage? If your health plan requires prescription co-pays, we will let you know before we send your medications.

We Offer Flexible Co-Pay Options

You can pay by credit card, over the phone and even make cash payments.

Real Patient Stories

See How Our Patients Are Taking Control of Their Medication

With diabetes, a chronic heart condition and hypertension, I didn't feel safe picking up my medications in person once COVID-19 began. My previous pharmacy said they couldn't offer delivery, but then I got a call from AdhereRx. Now, I am able to stay at home and keep myself on track with my meds.

Mr. Green, Customer Since 2016

After a scary hospitalization from diabetic ketoacidosis my doctor told me to stop using aspirin due to a GI bleed. I spoke to an AdhereRx pharmacist on my monthly review, who helped me understand the severity of taking my medications correctly and testing my blood sugar regularly. They also informed my provider of my recent hospitalization so I could focus on getting better.

Ms. Harris, Customer Since 2010

I have 11 providers that have prescribed 17 medications for my diabetes, dementia, hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, COPD, and GERD. I enrolled in AdhereRx because they had a team of pharmacists that would help me manage and coordinate between my providers to make sure I don’t have any medication issues, and they have safe delivery directly to my doorstep.

Ms. Liu, Customer Since 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

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